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7:00 P.M., CITY HALL


MONDAY, APRIL 11, 2016




Notice is hereby given that City Council for City of Duquesne will conduct OPEN MEETING.  The Council will act upon matters as may be presented and determined to be appropriate for discussion at that time.




  • Call to Order
  • Roll Call
  • Approve Agenda
  • Approve Regular March Meeting Minutes
  • Approve Special Meeting Minutes for March and April
  • Financial Report & Budget Summary for March

  • Court Report
  • PD Monthly Report
  • Bill Summary
  • Approve Business License Renewal

  • Four State Erectors                  
  • College Station Donuts & Coffee
  • Watson Electric                
  • Just-N-Time Bargain Barn

  • Approve Annual Audit
  • Old Business:

  • Update on City Matters

  • Approve Certified Election Result
  • Si-ne-di (Old Board Steps Down)
  • Administer Oaths of Office
  • Alderman Interaction
  • Public Comments
  • New Business:

  • Mediacom contract

  • Bill No. 16-07: An ordinance submitting to the electors of the City of Duquesne at an election to be held on November 8, 2016, a proposal (Proposition 1) to continue application and collection of the local sales tax on the titling of motor vehicles, trailers, boats and outboard motors that were purchased from a source other than a Licensed Missouri dealer; and providing for the tax to be reduced or raised in the same amount as any city sales tax is reduced or raised.
  • Bill No. 16-08: Am ordinance submitting to the electors of the City of Duquesne at an election to be held on November 8, 2016, a proposal (Proposition 2) to impose a sales tax in the amount of one-half of one percent (0.5%) on all retail sales made in the City of Duquesne which are subject to taxation under the provisions of sections 144.010 to 144.525 RSMO. For the purpose of funding storm water control and the local parks in the City of
  • Bill No. 16-09: An ordinance approving a business facilities agreement between MCC Missouri, LLC (Medicacom) and the City of Duquesne, Missouri, for CATV, Mediacom online services and Mediacom business phone for a term of three years at the monthly rate $294.65 per month; and authorizing the Mayor to execute said agreement for and on behalf of the City of Duquesne, Missouri.
  • Other Business Deemed Necessary
  • Adjourn  Representatives of the news media may obtain copies of this notice by contacting:

      Lisa Daugherty, Mayor                     417-781-5085                                              reposted:  04/10/16

      City of Duquesne    ·   1501 S Duquesne    ·   Joplin MO 64801                                             1:00 PM

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